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A groover is a River Toilet that should be used with care + style.

Tips for Groover Use from the CKS Team

Rule 1: NEVER pee in the groover. Peeing in the groover toilet system will make it smell for the rest of the trip.

Rule 2: Use the Groover, put your toilet paper with your waste and close the lid.

Pro Tip: Always set your groover up with a great view: Nothing like a morning kerplunk with a sunrise over the water in a canyon.

Pro Tip: Use an Ammo Can to store fresh TP, hand sanitizer and other items you might need to keep close by.

Pro Tip: Set up a handwash station at a central location and designate as the “bathroom door” with a marker to designate FULL or OPEN.

CKS Team JR Jennings

Pro Tip Words to the Wise: Potential Groover Problem Solved

“One time I was emptying my groover tank into the RV Dump and the hose that comes with the groover that you set up to drain the contents of the tank into an RV dump fell off, down the pipe and into the RV dump, never to be seen again. 

I now use a 3″ elbow PVC pipe and a 3″ threaded PVC pipe link in place of the hose thing. It’s rigid, so you can use it as a kickstand for the tank to sit on its side and drain into the RV dump without you having to hold onto it.

Jake Castle CKS Team

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