The 2010 Brush Creek Race
Last weekend I was hanging out in Kernville, California, and competed in the annual Brush Creek Race. Eric Giddens owner of Kern River Brewery and Brush Creek Race organizer said"they had their most computers enter," with 40 competers we had a big full race". The first race we had was the down river race from the first water fall down through speed way. The flows were ideal for the event at about two and a half. The next event was my favorite event the giant slalom. The giant slalom took place on triple drop, there were three down gates with on optional up gate in a swirly eddy and hole. Surprisingly a lot of beat down took place in the up gate. Another gate out was the waterfall gate for that gate you just had to touch it. After you got down below the bigger drop, there was a mandatory roll gate. then the little slide leading in to speedway was a hula hoop, this move was optional you had to throw you paddle throw to hula hoop.

In the race I ended up in second in juniors in both events right behind my good friend Evan Moore (Kernville local). The Brush Creek Races is a fun event and I'm looking forward for next years Brush Creek race.

Meeting Eric to help set up the giant slalom course

All the competers waiting to start the race

Me at the first drop of the race

Triple drop sprinting to the finish.

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