The Badfish Stand Up Paddle Badfisher Review

The Badfish Stand Up Paddle Badfisher

As the inflatable stand up paddle genre continues to diversify itself, we're seeing more and more "use specific" boards. Downriver and flatwater racing, river surfing and downriver whitewater paddling all have boards with features that help them perform better in various arenas. The latest board from Badfish SUP is also a niche board that was designed to help you catch fish and be very stable while doing so. What's cool about the Badfish Stand Up Paddle Badfisher, it that it could also double as an excellent expeditionary yacht of a SUP, because of it's size and high performance characteristics. It's got the same design as the popular MCIT, but with added volume,features, length, width and overall badassness. If you've been recently been bit by the stand up paddling bug, and enjoy fishing on lakes, rivers and streams, this could be the board for you.




RIGGED TO FISH:This bad boy's got all you need to cruise out to your spot, drop anchor and fish till sunset. There are 2 mounts towards the back, and one in the front. They're all compatible with scotty mounts, holders and accessories. Spinners and fly rods will fit just fine, or you can load one of them with a GoPro. The front mount is meant to be used with an anchor system. It's quick and easy to assemble. The rear bungees are also a nice feature. You can set up a cooler to sit on, or gear bags.
Badfish_Stand_Up_Paddle_Badfisher_Review_Rear_Bungee_Cooler_Scotty_Mounts 2 Scotty mounts near the tail and out of the way of the deck pad - stand in the middle and hang the rods off the sides.
Badfish_Stand_Up_Paddle_Badfisher_Review_Scotty_Mounts_Go_Pro Close up shot of the Badfisher's mounting system, and some Scotty rod holders.
Badfish_Stand_Up_Paddle_Badfisher_Review_Multiple_Scotty_Mounts Various options for the mounts. Scotty spinner and fly rod holders, and an anchor.
Badfish_Stand_Up_Paddle_Badfisher_Review_Anchor2 Anchor system goes up front.
Badfish_Stand_Up_Paddle_Badfisher_Review_Rear_Bungee_Cooler_Scotty_Anchor_Mount. The Badfisher with 2 rod holders and an anchor.
Badfish_Stand_Up_Paddle_Badfisher_Review_Mount_Scotty Screw the Scotty mount right onto the bracket provided.
ULTIMATE STABILITY:The Badfisher is essentially a MCIT that is 11' long, and 39" wide. It's got side tubes (axial stabilizing devices to be specific) that are 6" thick. Yep, you ain't falling off of this thing - baby's got back!!!
Badfish_Stand_Up_Paddle_Badfisher_Review_Axial_Stabilizing_Device_Secret_To_Success 6" sidetubes will keep you high and dry.
Badfish_Stand_Up_Paddle_Badfisher_Review_Block_Tail_Device_Secret_To_Success The tail is still tapered, but is wider than the tail of the traditional MCIT's. This gives the Badfisher even more stability.
HIGH PERFORMANCE DESIGN: Don't worry, the Badfisher is still a MCIT. It's got the same geometry that'll allow you to paddle downriver and stomp some class III rapids. In fact, the extra width and length could actually help you out a little on some harder, larger volume rivers. Heavier paddlers may REALLY like this board. The side tubes also have less surface area on the water (because they are rounded) than traditional SUP's that are the same width - this is where the MCIT / Badfisher get's it's speed from. Yes, the Badisher is pretty darn fast for it's size and stability. SUPER COOL REDESIGNED STORAGE BAG / BACKPACK: Boardworks Badfish did a stellar job redesigning the storage bag / backpack. One of the minor drawbacks to last years bag was the difficulty level of getting a deflated board back into the bag. It was not easy. This year the bag has been completely rethought out. It opens into a cross, and and then wraps around the deflated board. It's super easy to figure out, and is WAY easier than getting a board into a traditional storage bag. NOTE:The issue of getting an inflatable board into a bag is not just limited to Badfish. Most manufacturer's want to provide the consumer with the smallest bag possible, which makes it easier to transport and store your inflatable SUP in the off season. The new Badfish bag offers the best of both worlds; it's easy to load the board in and out of, and is also relatively compact.
Badfish_Stand_Up_Paddle_Badfisher_Review_New_Storage_Bag The new and improved storage bag - wrap it around the board and you are ready to go!
EXPEDITIONARY CAPABLE: The Boardworks Badfisher is a great board for SUP fishing. It is also the perfect board for overnighters because of it's cargo capacity and overall stability. With multiple bungees, you can store all kinds of gear on it. HIGH QUALITY: As with all Boardworks Badfish products, you are buying an extremely well made board that will last a long time. You can put the Badfisher to use season after season, and not have to worry about it falling apart like less expensive SUP's do. A good example of this is the nose cone on the front of the board. It's there to bash rocks and take lots of abuse. With features like that, this board will SHE'S ULTRA PORTABLE: The Boardworks Badfisher is inflatable, and it's new storage bag, it's super easy to unpack, fish, pack back up and move on to your next secret fishing hole!


PRICE:At just under $1600 the Badfisher is the most expensive inflatable SUP that we sell. A lot of people want a SUP to fall into the $500-$1000 price range, and this board is not for them. When you look at the technology that goes into the board itself, the features, and quality of the entire package, you can't argue that the board is overpriced, it's just a matter of wanting to spend this much on an inflatable SUP.
Badfish_Stand_Up_Paddle_Badfisher_Review_Inflatable Show up and blow up!

The Verdict:

The Boardworks Badfisher is a unique inflatable stand up board. What sets it apart from the rest of the pack is not the fact that it accepts scotty mounts or that it is stable. Lots of boards do that. What makes the Badfisher different, and worth every penny of it's price tag is the technology that goes into the board iteself, and quality of the product. The side tubes are INCREDIBLY stable, yet at the same time allow the Badfisher to be faster than the competition. It also can work it's way down some difficult rapids much better than other boards in this class. For this reason, the Boardworks Badfisher is not only a great option for a fishing board, but also for an expeditionary cruiser. Be sure to check out the SUP fishing demo at CKS PaddleFest!

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