The Kokatat Maximus Prime PFD Review-By Ken Hoeve

Hobie's thoughts on the Kokatat Maximus Prime

I have had the Kokatat Maximus Prime PFD for a little over a month now and have quickly come to love it. For starters, its comfortable. The wide shoulder straps have extra material underneath that spreads out the weight of the PFD. Both straps work independently for maximum adjustment. Since I use it for both kayaking and SUP I need the ability to raise and lower it several inches and these straps give me plenty of range from all the way down to my stomach (SUP) and up higher on my torso/chest (kayaking). I also like the size of the front pocket and the fact that the jacket opens all the way up so I don't have to pull it over my head. I can simply unsnap the side adjustment straps and the the tow harness and take it off without having to struggle to get it over my head. It's a type 5 rescue harness so it works perfectly when I safety kayak or when I just want to attach my leash to the quick release harness when I'm on my board. The color, a nice bright red to easily spot if when things go bad. Overall its comfortable, adjustable, versatile, light , has plenty of floatation (18 lbs) and is built to last. I had my last Kokatat PFD for 5 full seasons. I expect the same from this one. Kokatat_Maximus_PFD_Review_Hobie_Taylor

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