The CKS SUP Sessions Recap, Results and Photo Highlights

The CKS SUP Sessions Recap, Results and Photo Highlights

With river levels hovering right around 400cfs, the Salida SUP Sessions were game on. Unseasonably warm temps, and a meager snow pack prevented the event from including a surfing expo and freestyle competition. Paddlers still showed up in numbers to time trial against the clock, race in the SUP Cross event, and have a few cold beers with their friends. Prizes ranged from a pair of Teva Cherry Bomb river shoes to NRS ninja PFD's. Special thanks to CKS for organizing the event (Heather Gorby, Chad Gorby and Earl Richmond), Mike Harvey from Badfish Stand Up Paddle (event co-organizer), Teva, Boardworks and The Rivers Edge.
Thanks_Teva_Boardworks_NRS_Badfish.jpg Large crowds showed up for the 2012 Salida SUP Sessions

Here are the results for the various race categories: Downriver

Mens Over 11’

1. Ken Hoeve 24.35 2. Mike Harvey 24.40 3. Mason Lacy 25.03 4. Chad Gorby 25.11 5. John Blackshire 25.30 6. Scott Powers 25.34 7. Paul Darrah 26.07 8. Hank Bevington 26.51

Mens Under 11’

1. Gary Lacy 26.08 2. Andy Obrien 26.15 3. Kirk Roberts 26.24 4. Andy Limoncelli 27.05 (Junior) 5. Eric Robinson 27.20 6. Brian Felse 27.47 7. Morgan Mason 27.50 8. Frank Bryan 28.02 9. Jacob Adamson 28.27 10. Miles Harvey 30.00 (Junior) 11. Michael Raczuk 30.19 12. Cory Stead 30.56 13. Isaac Stackonis 31.48 14. Ryan Marshall 32.50 15. Ray Kitson 32.57 16. Robert Hamblin 35.39 17. Michael Johnson 39.01 18. Garrett Lundberg 40.50

Women's Open

1. Christine Clark 26.29 2. Tami Word 27.48 3. Marjo Curgus 28.02 4. Amber Lopez 28.03 5. Claire Chappell 28.34 6. Sage Kitson 28.52 7. Ophelia Bryan 28.55 (Junior) 8. Julie Gurside 29.15 9. Penny Kitson 29.48 10. Shelly Carlos 29.57 11. Elena Barton 30.00 12. Anna Scherer 30.01 13. Kelsey Lundberg 30.16 14. Karen Fox 31.20 15. Elizabeth Bell 32.08 16. Molly Clark 35.26

Juniors Open

1. Andy Limoncelli 27.05 2. Ophelia Bryan 28.55 3. Miles Harvey 30.00

Junior Tandem

1. Tanner Richmond/ Chloe Harvey



1. Ken Hoeve 2. Mike Harvey 3. Andy Obrien 4. Morgan Mason


1. Jenny McCarther 2. Ophelia Bryant 3. Sage Kitson 4. Penny Kitson

Consolation Round Men's

1. Miles Harvey 2. Kirk Roberts 3. Andy Limoncelli

Consolation Round Women's

1.Claire Chappell 2.Tami Word
Christine_Clark_1st The Winners Podium - Christine Clark took The Women's Overall for the Downriver Race
Hobie_Mike #Winning
Kids_Group_Ophelia Ophelia and Sage are 2 up and comers to keep an eye out for.
MIles_Harvey_Good_Form Miles Harvey with some super solid lines.
SUP_Cross_Gates Navigating in the current. Miles appears to be on his A game.
As it turned out, the lower water levels were perfect for a day of SUP racing, and hanging out on the river with friends. Let's hope for a 100% + snow pack next year, and in the meantime enjoy the water while we've got it!

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