The NRS Tailwater Tackle Bag Review

The NRS Tailwater Tackle Bag Review

How many "real world" features can you pack into one item? The Jackson Kayak Coosa sets the bar pretty high in regards to jamming enough features for 2 totally different fishing kayaks into 1 boat, and all for right around $1000. The NRS Tailwater Tackle Bag is very similar, in that it has enough features to make even the most serious of kayak fisherman (or even SUP'ing or rafting anglers) happy. The other thing that NRS is really good at, is building a high quality item, with impeccable customer service, for a very reasonable price...The Tailwater comes in at $129 and will not let you down.


NRS_Tailwater_Tackle_Bag_Specs You can see the Tailwater in action in this video for the NRS Reel fishing SUP.


  • NRS staff member Luc Adams had a large role in designing this bag. Similar to Drew Gregory, who designed the Coosa, it is always good to have an expert in the field act as a consultant when designing technical equipment.
  • The Tailwater has the same footprint as a milk crate and fits perfectly in the back of a Jackson Coosaor Native Manta Ray. In fact, those were 2 of the boats in mind when NRS (Luc) designed the bag.
    NRS_Tailwater_Tackle_Bag_Review_Bag_Fit_Milk_Crate_Coosa.jpg The Tailwater fits like a glove in the back of a Coosa.
    NRS_Tailwater_Tackle_Bag_Whole_Bag.jpg The Tailwater has the same footprint as a milk crate, which means that it fits in most fishing kayaks, inflatables and SUP's.
  • The removable inserts on the inside of the bag are very smart and well placed. You have the option of using 2 inserts, and creating compartmentalized sections, or taking 1 (or both) out, and having even more room. The flexible inserts themselves have clear pockets on them for maps, tippets, fly fishing leaders, a license, etc. There are velcro inserts on the tabs which makes them extremely easy to put in and take out.
    NRS_Tailwater_Tackle_Bag_Review_Bag_Insert_2.jpg A shot of the inserts that come with the Tailwater bag.
    NRS_Tailwater_Tackle_Bag_Review_Bag_Insert_3 The inserts all loaded up.
    NRS_Tailwater_Tackle_Bag_Review_Bag_Inserts_Inside.jpg It's nice to have sections inside of your tackle bag.
  • Copious amounts of room inside of the bag.
    NRS_Tailwater_Tackle_Bag_Review_Loaded_Bag The milk crate foot print can hold a lot of gear.
  • There are 4 D rings on the bottom of the bag for rigging to a kayak or SUP. It also has a nice shoulder strap and velcro carry handle that can be used for carrying or for more rigging.
    NRS_Tailwater_Tackle_Bag_D_Rings_On_Bottom.jpg The D rings create attachment points for a SUP or kayak.
    NRS_Tailwater_Tackle_Bag_SUP The Tailwater Bag and NRS Reel make a great fishing combo for the SUP angler.
    NRS_Tailwater_Tackle_Bag_Review_Bag_Carry_Strap.jpg Lots of carry handles and straps. You can load the Tailwater down and it is still easy to transport.
  • The top of the bag has 2 attachments for pliers, a piece of Velcro for attaching even more accessories, and a ruler. The plier holders are within easy reach so you can grab them quickly with one hand.
    NRS_Tailwater_Tackle_Bag_Review_Bag_Pliers_Velcro_Patch.jpg A Ruler, 2 plier attachments and a large piece of Velcro for additional accessories.
  • Lots of additional storage spots, many of which have drainage ports on the bottom. This is nice for dirty wet items like glove and rags. The storage sleeve on the back doubles as a paddle holder to be used with many of the kayaks out there that allow you to stand and fish.
    NRS_Tailwater_Tackle_Bag_Mesh_Storage_Panel.jpg Mesh storage panel on the inside of the top cover.
    NRS_Tailwater_Tackle_Bag_Review_Bag_Storage.jpg Additional storage on the outside with mesh drain / vent on the bottom.
    NRS_Tailwater_Tackle_Bag_Review_Bag_More_Storage.jpg Even more storage on the back panel. This one has vents on the bottom too and doubles as a paddle sleeve for fishing off of boats like the Coosa, that allow you to stand and fish.
  • LARGE clear pocket on the front of the Tailwater. This is a perfect spot for your permit, a map, and fishing leaders...They are visible and within an arms reach at all times.
    NRS_Tailwater_Tackle_Bag_Whole_Bag1.jpg Clear pocket on the front for essentials that need to be visible at all times.
  • ONE OF THE COOLEST FEATURES on the Tailwater is the way that the bag comes apart. There are Velcro openings along all 4 corners of the bag, allowing you to remove the Styrofoam and plastic liner, making the Tailwater a soft bag (instead of the rigid design). You can easily remove the rigid inserts and turn the bag into a packable item.
    NRS_Tailwater_Tackle_Bag_Review_Bag_removable_Interior_Ice_Soft_Cooler.jpg Removable rigid inserts allow the Tailwater to become a collapsible soft bag. You can also add more Styrofoam if you wanted the bag to be a cooler.
  • Two Rod holders are placed at the hinge of the bag, making sure they’re not in the way when opening the zipper.
    NRS_Tailwater_Tackle_Bag_Rod_Holder Rod holders on 2 sides of the bag.
  • YKK heavy duty zippers will last a long time.
NRS_Tailwater_Tackle_Bag_Review_Bag_NRS_Fishing_Gear NRS also has a full line of fishing inflatables and SUP's. More on those boats later...


The Verdict:

If you are looking for a do it all, one stop shop tackle bag, the NRS Tailwater is a solid option. I always say that you can never have too much storage on a fishing or paddling outing. The Tailwater provides adequate storage for all of your fishing equipment, and then some...Besides having a lot of cool features, it was designed by a kayak fishing expert, which means that it has an intelligent design, and lots of real world applications. We love selling NRS items here at CKS because they last a long time, are priced to sell, and most importantly are backed by NRS' world class, second to none customer service. Enter to win a free Jackson Coosa Kayak fishing package worth $2000. This incredible package includes a NRS Tailwater!

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