The Werner Fiji Stand Up Paddle

The Werner Fiji Stand Up Paddle Review

The Werner Fiji fills a void in the recreational stand up paddle market. It offers high performance features on an entry level blade, at a very reasonable price. It is also a Werner, which means that it is made in the USA, and is backed by one of the best warranties in paddlesports. What separates the Fiji from the rest of the pack is the amount of high end features available for just over $100. The fiberglass wrapped shaft, injection molded dihedral shaped blades , 7.5" inches of adjustability and incredibly low swing weight are just a few of the attributes that are packed into this paddle. Here are the details:



  • The Fiji is offered with 7.5" of adjustment. The whole family with the exception of smaller children can use the same paddle.
    The Werner Fiji has 7.5" if adjustment. It is a very simple system that works well and is very durable.
  • Reinforcement spines create blade stiffness, which is not usually found in paddles in the Fiji's class (especially on a paddle as light as the Fiji). A stiff blade helps with creating a powerful catch. You can feel the power of the Fiji's blade the first time you sink it into the water and take a stroke. It has a smooth, controlled feel.
    Reinforced spines add rigidity. This is not a common feature for an entry level paddle.
  • The dihedral blade is another feature that is typically found on high performance (and high price tag) paddles. The shape of the power face creates and even flow of water coming off of the blade. This in turn allows for a smooth, predictable stroke. It also lets you paddle with a looser grip, which helps fight muscle fatigue.
    The dihedral blade creates an efficient, smooth, even stroke.
  • The nice thing about the blade on The Fiji is that is has a powerful catch. Besides being able to use it as a recreational paddle on flatwater, it also does very well on the river. A larger power face aids bracing, and can power your board up stream and over swirly eddy lines. Also, the bright yellow blade is VERY easy to see when you swim, which will happen...
    You can spot the Fiji from a mile away. If you swim it is easy to see!
  • The Fiji would make a fantastic instructional paddle. It is very durable, can paddle all types of conditions and has 7.5" of adjustability.
  • The palm grip is the same one that Werner uses on their high end paddles. It is a great grip because you can grab it loosely and still have a good handle on the blade. This eliminates fatigue and makes precision paddling easier.
    The palm grip is both coomfortable and ergonomic.
  • The fiberglass reinforced injection molded blades are stiff and strong. The fiberglass wrapped shaft is light and equally as durable. Because of these production techniques, the Fiji has a swing weight of 27.05oz which is very light-especially considering that this is an entry level paddle priced at $139.
    Fiberglass reinforced injection molded blades and fiberglass shaft. Light and strong.
Fiberglass wrapped shaft. This keeps weight down and strength up.
The Fiji is a great paddle choice to compliment a NRS or C4 iSUP. They can both take a licking and keep on paddling.


  • The Fiji has a bit of flex to it. It is in incredible value for $109-$149, but at the same time is not nearly as stiff as The Carve, Spanker and Advantage. They also cost almost twice as much.
    A heavier paddler may feel the flex of The Fiji and want a stiffer paddle like The Nitro, Fuse, Spanker, Carve or Advantage.
  • The Fiji has a low cadence recreational blade. It's good for recreational SUP, but is not so great for races and high RPM workouts. The Fuse and Nitro are good choices for people that are looking for a good workout or race paddle.

The Verdict:

Overall, The Werner Fiji is an INCREDIBLE value for the dollar. It is constructed in the USA from high quality materials, and is backed by Werner's incredible warranty and customer service. The paddle has many of the same features that high end Werner's have, such as the palm grip, dihedral blade, 7.5" of adjustment and the ULTRA LIGHT SWING WEIGHT. The blade is designed for smooth, efficient, low cadence paddling, which is perfect for beginning and recreational SUP'ers. The dihedral design, and reinforcement spine on the back are nice touches as well. It is not the stiffest paddle in the world, but with a MSRP beginning at $109 and a 27.05oz swing weight, the Fiji is hard to beat.

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