Things you see in the Southeast
It's time for you Colorado brothas to come visit me here in the Southeast! TJ and ACC came out to visit and had nothing but a plethora of 5-star days and kayaking. Lament low water no more!
Here's what early January looks like in the Little River Canyon:
The one, the only, Peaches still knows how to make it look good in Pinball:
The LRC provides for an awesome deep canyon feel, especially after the hike out! It is one of the most sieved out rivers I've ever seen, but if you stay away from the left or right bank, it'll be FINE.
I don't think Dirk would've approved of this rigging job. Unfortunately, in the dirty south everyone has ropes and no idea about the proper art of strappage:
Do I hear banjo music?
I don't always camp for the entire month of April, but when I do, I prefer my sports car to get there:
The little known true putin to the Green River Narrows:
A little Where's Waldo kayaking. Yes, I'm wearing a Kokatat shorty dry top in April and yes, it's soooo good.
After that bit of creeking, we knocked off 5 laps of goodness on Cheoah in the same day.
Toby McD boofs so hard that sometimes I worry he might hit his own head?
Hard to beat disappearing before falling:
Eric Stalovich gittin sum! In a kayak?
But when it goes like this all you can do is smile!

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