Down River Captain's Chair

Size: 1.5" XD
Bay Width: 18.5"
Sale price$394.95

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The Down River Captain's Chair is one of the most-loved additions to a raft frame in the whole industry. This seat is easily the most comfortable highback chair out there, and it is built out of LD frame piping that will withstand a tremendous beating if you flip your rig and it rakes along the bottom of the river. What's more? This chair can operate as a flip seat, as well as completely detaching from the frame to become a lounge chair to bring on shore.

  • Size 17.5"; 18.5"; 19.5"; 20.5"; 21.5"
  • Frame Size 1.5" Pipe (DRE XD) or 1.25" Pipe (NRS or DRE LD)
  • Pipe: 6063 T6 Schedule 40 (.135in) Anodized Aluminum Alloy

Measure the bay of your frame you wish to place the chair over inside to inside. The chair legs will arc inward as they rise, so consider sizing up so that the chair will still function as a flip seat over your cooler or dry box. For example: If your cooler is 17" wide, you should consider ordering the 18.5" Captain's Chair so that the chair legs are sure to clear the corner of the cooler. 

Pro Tip

Why are the LD Captain's Chairs more expensive than the XD? It's because the fittings used for all Captain's Chairs are the same, but the ones for LD piping require an extra metal collar to step the size of the attachment down from XD pipe size to LD pipe size.

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