Down River Thwart Bag

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The Down River Thwart Bag is a great addition to your small raft rigging. Keep essentials contained and add utility to your thwarts for your whitewater rafting adventures.

Two integrated handles on the thwart straps add well-located bonus grab points and four d-rings give you rig-ability to clip gear and water bottles to the straps. Add some style to your paddleraft!

  • Double Lined Multi-Mesh
  • Xtra Duty Mesh Base 
  • Easy Attatchment D-Rings
  • Quick Access Cinching System
  • Integrated Grab-Handles
  • Webbing 1" high tenacity polypropylene, UV resistant
  • Size 14in x 8in x 20in

Pro Tip - One of these is ideal for R-2 vessels (typically 1-2 thwarts). Having several of these to rig on each thwart on a longer boat allows your crew to have a place to keep their gear closer to where they are sitting, so they won't keep asking you to grab their stuff for them while you are trying to guide ;)

Several Mesh Color Options Available! Call Customer service if you have a preference in your mesh color. Colors on hand change with each new batch of these Downriver makes.

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