NRS Super Pump

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The NRS Super Pump is an affordable high-pressure pump thats perfect for todays drop-stitch inflatable stand up paddle and body boards.

  • Included pressure gauge takes the guesswork out of inflating your boat or board.
  • This low-volume, single-action, two-hand pump lets you inflate to pressures up to 20 psi.
  • Small diameter pump chamber keeps the pumping easy, even at high pressures.
  • The aluminum shaft, sturdy handle and tough polypropylene housing are built to withstand lots of use.
  • Each full stroke puts out 0.48 gallons (1.8 liters) of air.
  • Size: 2.75"D x 23"T
  • Chamber Size: 2.75"D x 18.5"H
  • Volume: 0.48 gal. (1.8 liters) per stroke
  • Hose Length: 42"
  • Includes Leafield C7 adapter,20 psi pressure gauge

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