NRS Women's Boater's Gloves

Color: Fjord
Size: XS
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The NRS Women's Boater's Glove is the perfect solution for protecting your hands from blisters while paddle rafting or rowing, while maintaining a solid grip that normally is sacrificed by wearing full-length gloves. The Women's Boater's Gloves are light and easily stuffed into a PFD pocket to keep close at hand if you start to notice that you are developing hot spots. They also provide a minimal amount of extra warmth; just enough to take the edge off of chilly high water paddling. 

  • Patterned for comfort while paddling or rowing, Amara® synthetic leather palms offer an extra layer of protection in blister-prone areas.
  • Palm design features silicone accents for even better grip and control.
  • Vent holes in the palm increase cooling.
  • Material on the wrist extends to meet long-sleeve sun shirts to eliminate any exposed skin.
  • Open-finger design allows for maximum dexterity to tie knots, work a camera or perfect the boater's tan.
  • Intended for warm-weather boating.
  • Pairing snaps on the wrists keep the gloves together.
Weight: 1.6 oz
Material: 6.3 oz. nylon/spandex blend
Seams: Single needle with high tenacity thread
Taped Seams: No
Palm Material: Amara® synthetic leather palm with silicone accents for added grip
Wrist Closure: Stretch
Gender Sizing: Women
  • Open finger design
  • Wrist pairing snaps
  • UPF 50+ sun protection


Pro Tip: We find that all gloves that are intended for use in whitewater perform at their best when they are wet. Dip your hands in the water at the put-in before pushing off on your run; you will feel a much better grip on the paddle, and your hands will be warmer because your body heat will heat the water trapped in the gloves.

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