Shred Ready Zeta Helmet

Color: Durango
Size: MD
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The Shred Ready Zeta Helmet is chocked full of features to protect your skull when paddling on the river. This whitewater helmet combines the style and swagger of iconic sports figures with high-tech energy management foams on a user-friendly platform. 

Shred Ready teamed with DCLAN technologies to create a DCLAN foam that is soft and comfortable in a normal state, and transforms and directs energy away from user's head when impacted. Rather than covering hard/uncomfortable energy absorption materials with softer, non-functional/bulky foams for comfort, this innovative technology achieves both comfort and protection in one material.

The design process for the Zeta was driven by iconic style, unparalleled protection and intuitive use.

Shred Ready Zeta Features

  • ABS injection molded shell.
  • Multi-Impact molded DCLAN foam liner.
  • HOG 4.0 BOA Retention system.
  • Interchangeable compression molded closed-cell foam fitting pads with silicone strip to reduce helmet slip.
  • Soft nylon webbing. Stainless steel rivets and burrs to stop the corrosion. Duraflex fasteners, adjusters, and stops.
  • Four-point retention system.
  • One-Year limited warranty on workmanship and materials.

Sizing: Head Circumference

  • Small: 53-56cm
  • Medium: 55-58cm
  • Large: 58-60cm

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Why named the Zeta??The name Zeta heralds from a confluence of several dynamic elements; the infamous rapid of the Futaleufu River, the symbol for the damping ratio of a material, and the seventh letter of the Greek Alphabet not to mention the number of legendary center-fielder, Micky Mantle.

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