First Impressions: Pyranha's Downriver, Freeride-Inspired Firecracker

Bridging the gap between the Ripper 2 and the Ozone, the Pyranha Firecracker is a do-it-all #HalfSizeHalfSlice

Pyranha Firecracker Logo On Water

"More bow than the Ozone, more playable than the Ripper 2. Splat everything with the Firecracker" - Wade Harrison

We got a sneak peak of the prototype Firecracker at the Paddlesports 360 Show in Charlotte, NC last fall and a lot has changed with the production boat. Myself, Elliott Gougen and Wade Harrison have spent a good chunk of time in this thing and we are stoked to share the details!

If you thought the Ozone was fun but wanted more bow rocker and creek ability, or if the Ripper 2 is not playful enough for you then you need to hop in this short, splat everywhere half-slice!

Taking the bow rocker profile of the Scorch and Ripper 2, the Firecracker is shortened up enough to give you a dry ride up front and still be able to turn on a dime. Out back you've got an Ozone-like stern that has just enough width to keep you from getting backendered in your favorite pourover. Add a smidge more width than the Ripper 2 and you've got a short, stable, stern squirting and creek-able kayak to do just about anything with!

Pyranha Firecracker Boofing Bottom Hole - Nantahala Falls

With a blended hull design taken from the Ozone and the Scorch, it has a subtle edge that is easy to engage but will not punish you. The stable planing hull is always there to provide stability in all but the sportiest boils. It is similar to the Antix 2.0 but has that Pyranha sharpness to it. 

Splatting on the Nantahala in the Pyranha Kayak's Firecracker

Due to the overwhelming feedback that Pyranha received during prototyping, they have committed to producing the Firecracker in three sizes: 232, 242, and 252 (versus the two that was originally announced). 242's are already in the US and available for presale. The smaller 232 will arrive next in the upcoming months, followed by the 252 which is slated for late this summer.

Don't take our word for it, hop in a demo and #setitoff yourself! Check out the all-new product here!

Pyranha Firecracker Specs


Sizes 232 242 252
Length TBD 242cm / 7' 11" TBD
Width TBD 66cm / 26" TBD
External Cockpit Length TBD 91.5cm / 36" TBD
External Cockpit Width TBD 52cm / 20.5" TBD
Volume TBD 235l / 62(us)gal TBD
Weight TBD 20kg / 40lb TBD
Optimum Paddler Weight TBD 60-90kg / 135-200lb TBD


Stern Squirting in the Pyranha Kayak's Firecracker

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