Pyranha Ripper 2 Whitewater Kayak

Color: Fire Ant
Size: SM
Sale price$1,699.00

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The original Ripper is a legendary design that helped usher in a new era of modern boat design. Combining rocker with a low-volume tail, the Ripper proved that you can have it all in one boat; it had enough stability for tougher rivers yet enough play to make the backyard class II fun again. 

The design improvements introduced in Pyranha's Ripper 2 take the fun to the next level and open up even more opportunities for it; go faster, surf more waves, drop the tail with less effort, and get even more recklessly vertical. Since the original Ripper came out, Pyranha has had time to experiment and learn from the original design and has worked to make the Ripper 2 do everything you liked in the original... but better.

The Medium will ship first, and we will update this page with availability info for the Large and Small as we learn more.

Key Updates:

  • Increased bow rocker for a drier ride and drier surfs.
  • A touch more hull width for more skipping out of features.
  • Softer sidewalls and a slicier tail for more stern squirt potential.
  • Stern edges direct water to create lift and keep the tail dry when you’re headed downstream.
  • Better tailored sizing for smaller and larger paddlers.
  • An ovalised cockpit rim to help produce a drier spraydeck fit, keeping even tension the whole way round.
  • Fresh, Scorch-inspired styling.


Sizes SM MD LG
Length 266cm / 8' 8" 274cm / 8' 11" 277cm / 9' 1"
Width 62.7cm / 24.5" 65.5cm / 25.5" 67cm / 26"
External Cockpit Length 91cm / 35" 91cm / 35" 91cm / 35"
External Cockpit Width 52.5cm / 20" 52.5cm / 20" 52.5cm / 20"
Volume 210l / 55(us)gal 235l / 62(us)gal 270l / 71(us)gal
Hatch Volume
Weight 19kg / 42lb 20kg / 44lb 21kg / 46lb
Optimum Paddler Weight 40-75kg / 88-165lb 65-95kg / 145-210lb 80-125kg / 175-275lb

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