CKS Whitewater Kayak Float Bag

Size: 30"
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The CKS Whitewater Kayak Float Bags fit in the back of your boat to stop your boat from filling with water in the event of a swim. The less water in your boat the easier it will be to get to shore. Don't lose your boat!

Specifically, these float bags are designed to fit in most modern whitewater kayaks. To determine the correct size float bag for your boat, measure the inside compartment and order a bag that is slightly larger in dimensions to completely fill the space in your boat.

The 44" bags are recommended for the sterns of most creek boats we sell. Additionally, the 30" float bag is the ideal size to fit in the sterns of kids' kayaks or smaller playboats and in front of the bulkhead in creek boats.

  • These Applied RF Technology bags use a rough and rugged PVC (polyvinyl chloride) fabric that will not leak or de-laminate
  • 30" Float Bag (inflated): 30"L x 7.5"D x  3-10"W 
  • 44" Float Bag (inflated): 44"L x 7.5"D x 3-13"W

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