Jackson Kayak AntiX 2.0 Whitewater Kayak

Color: Flame
Size: MD
Sale price$1,599.00

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Updated with Jackson's Bee's Knees thigh braces for 2022, the Jackson Kayak AntiX 2.0 is bound to put a smile on your face! The AntiX 2.0 features a high-volume nose for stomping big hits, a planing hull shape that drastically increases the speed over the Antix 1.0, and a lower volume stern that makes squirting effortless! What's more? The AntiX 2.0 has increased legroom over the original Antix, allowing taller paddlers with longer legs to enjoy this boat! Whether you're creeking, river running, or taking laps on the playwave, this boat is ready to crush it all and style it too!

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The new Antix takes what I loved with the first edition, but improved on all the bases I could have asked for. From easier squirting to higher speed, better surfing and more confidence downriver, it's the boat that‚ gonna allow me to unlock the full potential of every run. ~ Dane Jackson

Length 7'7" - 8'5"
Width 25" - 28"
Cockpit Size 13.25" - 14.375"
Volume 58 gal - 76 gal
Optimal Paddler Weight 95lbs - 230 lbs
Total Weight 34lbs - 42lbs

Quick Hits

  • New whitewater kayak design launched July 30, 2020.
  • Jackson Kayak heard good feedback from their team, customers, and dealers when updating this boat.
  • Improved speed, bow drive, surfing ability, and confidence.
  • Antix 2.0 has a river running bow that drives through waves and holes.
  • Squirt easier! The lowered stern rocker and stern volume are a better shape for getting under the water.
  • Longer (and faster) than the original Antix.
  • Antix 2.0 is 8" longer than the old Antix, yet this updated design stays true to the boat's historical playfulness.
  • Jackson raised the knees for a more comfortable fit. With more knee and legroom, this boat is better for longer stretches or for bigger paddlers.
  • The bow has more volume.
  • The width has increased, but it won't feel like a wider boat.
  • Jackson pulled the hull out and made it flatter and wider so it's fast and stays on top of the water better.
  • Antix 2.0 offers more stability without compromising your squirt.
  • No limitations on this boat. Work less, and do more!

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