Immersion Research Demshortz Review

The Immersion Research Demshortz Review

The Immersion Research Guide Shorts are probably the most popular river / board shorts that we've ever sold. In fact, IR's humble beginnings were conceived around the ever popular Guide Shorts (in 1997,down in John and Kara Weld's basement). They are not the fanciest shorts in the world, but they last a long time, look cool and fit great. They have become an industry standard amongst paddlers and guides here in the Arkansas River Valley. I think that I have about 10 pairs total. Demshortz are pretty similar to most IR shorts (well built, stylish, and great fit), but have been branded and designed by Demshitz...aka. Dave Fusilli. Besides being comfortable, stylish shorts, they also will help you with your offside hand roll, and give you about 2" of additional air on loops, air wheels and even air screws. Not bad for a $60 pair of shorts. Actually, shorts are shorts, and there is not a ton to say about these, other than the fact that we sell a lot of them (for good reason), and they are super popular with our staff and rafting companies in the area. If you want a pair of durable shorts that fit great - get some Demshortz.




  • IR has been making shorts since 1997. Guide Shorts were the first item in their catalog. In short, IR knows what they are doing.
    Immersion_Research_Demshortz_Jon_Weld_1997 John Weld hammering out some Guide Shorts in his basement in Confluence, PA (1997). FYI - IR is still located in Confluence, but is no longer in John and Kara's basement.
  • Heavy duty seams. You can use and abuse your Demshortz. They will last a long time, and the crotch will not split. Immersion_Research_Demshortz_3_stitches.jpg
  • There's a Demshitz branded, zippered pocket on the side of the shorts. You can put dem' car keyz, or whatever you want in there. A zipper is better than velcro, because it will not open accidentally.Immersion_Research_Demshortz_Pocket_Open.jpg
  • Cool graphics inside the shorts too.Immersion_Research_Demshortz_Since_1997.jpg
  • This product has been tested by Demshitz finest. Dave Fusilli designed them, and the whole crew has been wearing them for a while. You gotta respect a pro kayak team that has their own Beer (Shiva)as well as clothing line. Props.
    Immersion_Research_Demshortz_Tried_And_True The wrecking crew at work in Durango.
  • Full zipper and velcro closure with lace up for redundancy. The only way these shorts will come off, is if you take them off.
    Immersion_Research_Demshortz_Velcro_Zipper.jpg Zipper, Velcro with a lace too.
  • Cool logos, color and overall style. Dave Fusilli was the guy that designed these shorts. Nice job Dave.Immersion_Research_Demshortz_Dave_Fusilli_Fusilli
Demshortz in action down in Durango.


  • The Demshortz do not offer as much protection as some other shorts out there (such as The Sweet Shambala's). They also cost half the price, and are good for wearing all day long (and not just on the river).

The Verdict:

Overall, Demshortz are the ones you want if you need a pair of shorts for boating, raft guiding, or just kicking it at Deerhammer Distillery for happy hour. They cost just over $60 which is pretty reasonable for a pair of shorts that will last for as long as they will. They get style points and fit really well. What else is there to say? IR makes the best river shorts out there, and Demshitz designed them. Good combo right?

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