Kokatat Meridian GMER and GMED Dry Suits

Kokatat’s GORE-TEX Drysuits are the industry benchmark for dryness, breath-ability, durability, and bad-ass-ness. Decades of design and production experience has come together in the finest dry suits on the market. Kokatat was instrumental in the development of the GORE-TEX fabric and the rigorous testing program used in the suits. Kokatat’s Whitewater specific drysuit is the GORE-TEX Meridian Drysuit with relief zipper and GORE-TEXsocks (GMER). It incorporates an adjustable overskirt witch layers with a spray skirt tunnel to prevent water from getting into the cockpit of your boat.


The GMER comes standard with:

  • Articulated Patterning for Maximum Freedom of movement
  • Evolution 3.2oz nylon 3-layer GORE-TEX laminate fabric
  • 500 denier Cordura seat and knee reinforcements
  • Latex neck and wrist gaskets
  • Neoprene over-cuffs and collar that protect gaskets from abrasion and UV exposure
  • Optiseal front entry and relief zippers, waterproof to 20 feet
  • Chest pocket and mesh cuff drains
  • Factory sealed seams
  • Integrated GORE-TEX socks
  • Double Velcro adjustable overskirt
  • Women's GORE-TEX Meridian (GMED) comes standard with drop seat relief zipper.

Unisex sizing: S-XXL

Unisex colors: cobalt, mango, radish

Women's sizing: S-L, XLS

Women's colors: mango, plum (radish special order only)

Kokatat also offers custom sizing and options for the GORE-TEX Meridian Drysuit.Kokatat can add or subtract length in the sleeves, inseam, torso, and Rise of the dry suit. Additions and subtractions are done in one inch increments and are limited by the size and style of the suit. Contact CKS or Kokatat customer service for pricing and limitations.

Custom options for the GORE-TEX Meridian Drysuit include:

  • sleeve pocket
  • suspender
  • reflective tape


  • Every single Drysuit that leaves the Arcata, CA factory is 100% water fill tested. This guarantees a dry drysuit out of the box.
  • GORE-TEX is the best waterproof / breathable material on the market. It will last longer and keep you dry longer than any other material.
  • It will extend your paddling season and your comfort level.
  • With Kokatat’s industry leading construction, customer service, and option/sizing program, warranty you can’t go wrong.
  • You will probably own your GORE-TEX Meridian Drysuit longer than any boat.
  • If you have never used a drysuit you have to try it. Think of how cool it would be to wear the Same fleece to the river, in the river and home, with it being bone dry warm and toasty?
  • All Kokatat Products are made in the good ol'e USA (Arcata, CA)


The Verdict:

The Kokatat Meridian GMER (with relief Zipper) and GMED (with drop seat) are two heavy duty pieces of gear that will keep you dry. Guaranteed. Because of this, they are the most expensive dry suits on the market. The reason they cost more than other companies (IR, Stohlquist, NRS) is because Kokatat uses GORE-TEX, which is an expensive material. GORE-TEX also requires a very high level of construction standards that Kokatat must adhere to. To make a long story short....If you the best dry suit on the market, the Meridian GORE-TEX is your best option.


Chris Hendrick

Chris Hendrick

I will only ever recommend Kokatat. Unlike the review posted above. They offered me warranty replacement for my drysuit, and I was not even looking for one. I sent my suit in for new booties, and they reached out to tell me that I was getting a new suit. Thank you Kokatat!

Jim Shui

Jim Shui

I have used Kokatat drysuits forever, but I will never buy one again,. They are very arbitrary about honoring the “lifetime” warranty, and they are pretty nasty about it when you attempt to have a discussion with them. I just got the NRS goretex suit and it is awesome.

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