piCKS: Top Kayaks for 2024

Ready for next-level kayaking adventures in 2024?

Look no further than our list of the latest and best-selling kayaks that are making waves in the paddling community this year.

Whether you're an experienced kayaker or a novice eager to explore new waters, you'll want to check out CKS top picks (in no specific order). They are sure to enhance your on-the-water experience and remind you why you love kayaking.

Jackson Kayak Flow: Unleash Your Flow

Voted Best Whitewater Boat by Paddling Magazine in 2023, The Jackson Kayak Flow Whitewater Kayak is a true gem for those who crave versatility from their kayak. This boat is designed to handle a variety of water conditions: from Class II lakes to Class V rivers, the Jackson Flow is your all-in-one, true companion, favorite new kayak.

The sleek design and shorter, lighter, sportier ride of this kayak results in stability, speed, and maneuverability. Get ready to unleash your flow and navigate the waters with confidence.

"This boat is in a class of its own!" - Halie Orr

Pyranha Firecracker: Ignite Your Passion

The boat I never thought I wanted -- this kayak is made for thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies. The Pyranha Firecracker is the kayak of choice for those who need to get recklessly vertical.

Engineered for whitewater enthusiasts, this kayak delivers an explosive combination of stability and playability. The Firecracker's dynamic design allows paddlers to tackle challenging rapids with precision and finesse with the ability to play along the way.

Ignite your passion for adventure and experience the rush of conquering the river in style.

"It's very playful, but also runs the shit well." - Brent Stoppe

Liquidlogic Hot Whip: Ride the Waves in Style

If style is as important to you as performance, the Liquidlogic Hot Whip is here to impress. This kayak not only delivers on the technical front but also boasts a sleek and eye-catching design. Stand out on the water as you ride the waves with confidence. The Hot Whip's innovative features make it a top choice for those who appreciate aesthetics without compromising on functionality.

"They nailed it with this one that's for sure!" - Wade Harrison

Pyranha Ripper 2: Shred and Conquer

The Pyranha Ripper 2 takes the essence of the original Ripper and cranks it up a notch. This kayak is built for those who want to shred and conquer any water they encounter. With improved stability and responsiveness, the Ripper 2 is a favorite among playboaters and river runners alike. Take control of your paddling destiny and experience the thrill of mastering every wave and eddy.

"Pyranha nailed the balance between the business end and party end more so than any other half slide I have paddled." - Branden Baltich

So what's our favorite kayak for 2024?

As you gear up for the kayaking season in 2024, consider these top-notch kayaks from Jackson Kayak, Liquidlogic and Pyranha. They all promise an unparalleled on-water experience.

Each kayak on this list brings a unique blend of performance, style and innovation from its manufacturer, ensuring that your paddling adventures will be nothing short of extraordinary. We can't choose just one!

With so many options to choose from, now is the best time to be a paddler!

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I would say, having demoed the firecracker and briefly owned a ripper 2, that none of those boats can match the Antix 2 for a beginner-intermediate level paddler.

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