Free Snap Dragon Spray Skirt with new Whitewater Kayaks

A Repost from 2013

CKS best Spray Skirts now FREE with all new boat purchases, through July 7th. Get a free new spray skirt for kayaking.
  • Helmet. Check.
  • PFD. Check.
  • Paddle. Check.
  • Boat. Check.
  • Hmmm what am I missing...

Spray Decks...Probably one of the dullest items to talk about in kayaking, yet, possibly the most essential additional piece besides the kayak itself.

  • Spray decks, no matter how durable they are to begin with, eventually wear out because they are constantly being stretched, dried out, stretched, dried, repeat.

Sizing: SnapDragon does an amazing job with production of multiple sized tunnels & decks. If you know the make and model of boat, they'll know the best fit; and no matter how many cheesy JoJo's you ate this winter, they've got the right tunnel size. If they do not have the right sized skirt for your boat in stock, they will build you a custom one for no additional charge.

I have found very few companies are as paddler friendly as SnapDragon. They racked their brains to get me a fresh skirt in Nepal when I reported a seam failure. A friend dug a freshly delivered Armortex EXP out of his bag with my name on it upon arrival in Guwhati, India thanks to SnapDragons commitment to its' customers.

Plugging deep. Spray skirt confidence is a necessity.

During my paddling endeavors, I have employed many spray skirts, from Palm to NRS to SnapDragon. A Snap Dragon Spray Skirt has been with me on 2 international trips and plenty of PNW paddling adventures. I've tested them on anything from vertiginous drops in India to Idaho big water and highly recommend Snap Dragon for any of your own kayaking adventures.


REMEMBER: You can get a FREE SNAP DRAGON SPRAY SKIRT RIGHT NOW with the purchase of any new kayak at

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