Super Dink....Cali part 1
Not a lot of class V runs have great spectating. California's "Super Dink" which is the higher up section to the famous multi-day Dinky Waterfalls is easily accessible from the Dinky campground. The lower water levels made the long granite slides make a fairly stress free and enjoyable run. While we didn't know this at the start of the run, we soon found out as 1/2 of LA seemed to be up for the July 4 holiday while spectating the famous "Infinislide" which is close to 1/2 mile in length!

LA quickly heading down...

Menges and Cam heading down....much to the crowds delight!

Fun, somewhat stress free slides


I'm sure she was thinking "He probably needed to be another foot left to nail that boof".

Cam play boating Cali style on one of the mellower slides

Cam firing up another great slide

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