Green River Narrows Race

Eastbound + Down: A Preview

Races + EventsVictoria Ohegyi
The 2020 Green Race is upon us! Read what we have planned for the next few weeks, including exclusive brand interviews and field reports from our paddling experts.
Forward Strokes and Free Beer: Grand Canyon in 6 Days

Forward Strokes and Free Beer: Grand Canyon in 6 Days

Races + EventsVictoria Ohegyi
On Monday, September 21st, two friends launched from Lee's Ferry and began their self-support paddle through the Grand Canyon. Their goal? Make it to Pearce Ferry, 280 miles downstream, before September 27th. Kayaker Nick Gilbert breaks down his day by day experience of his "quick lap" in the Big Ditch.
Kayak Grand Canyon

3 Days to Plan a 280 Mile Self-Support Kayak Trip

Camping + KitchenVictoria Ohegyi
On Friday, September 18th, two friends picked up a last-minute Grand Canyon permit. Their launch date? Three days later. Learn how they packed and planned for this self-support kayak trip through the Big Ditch.
Moose River Agar Falls CKSO

What you need to know about Moose Fest

Races + EventsVictoria Ohegyi
Update from Moose Fest 2019: Alert! This massive tree has been swept below Folwerville Falls and into the Bottom Moose. We have no idea where i...

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