AIRE Double Action Hand Pump

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The AIRE Double Action Hand Pump is an economical choice for making quick work of inflating or topping-off low-pressure inflatables, like rafts and inflatable kayaks. A screw-on cylinder-lid provides quick access for re-lubrication, ensuring that this pump is easy to maintain and will keep on pushin' air for years to come!

Dimensions 8.5"L x 4"W x 18"H x 4"Dia
Features Small, Easy to store on kayaks and pontoon boats, Double action for quick inflation, Twist cap for single action, Comes with 4 common valve adapters, 4' 3" non-kink hose, Aluminum shaft
Warranty AIRE 1 Year Limited Warranty


Pro Tip: While great for low-pressure inflatables, this pump will not work for bringing high pressure inflatables, like inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards, to full pressure. 

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