Boatyard Beta Ebb & Flo 20L Dry Duffel Bag

Color: Blue
Size: 20L
Sale price$75.00

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Designed for adventure and travel, the Boatyard Beta Ebb & Flo 20L Dry Duffel Bag is perfect for backpacking, kayaking and any outdoor watersports. The Ebb & Flo Drybag is a 20L version of Boatyard Beta's signature product, the Boatyard Beta Lady Bitz 50L Dry Duffel Bag. This versatile dry bag is perfect for all those trips you take, to the beach or on the river, this bag has you covered.

The 20L drybag can be closed two different ways, either clipping the buckles ups, or you can clip the buckles to each side of the bag for the waterproof seal. This allows for more versatility when rigging your boat onto your paddleboard or your boat. 


-Made out of 500d Tarpaulin PVC material 

-2 Extra Large interior pockets

-One Interior Pocket is the patent-pending odor-absorbing and odor-proof pocket, and the other is a clear PVC blue pocket with waterproof zipper for safe keeping of essential items

-Detachable Shoulder Strap for easy carry

-2 tote style carry straps

-Comes with one pack of our small, (10 single use sized) eco-friendly, biodegradable cornstarch disposable bags, for easy clean up after a trip. 

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