Sea to Summit Camp Kitchen Pot Scrubber and Soap

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The Sea To Summit Camp Kitchen Pot Scrubber and Soap makes your post-cooking cleanup a breeze! The multi-textured scrubber is an effective tool for burnt-on pan messes that wont scratch your delicate cookware, and conveniently snaps on to the top of the soap bottle, so you're never searching around for it when its time to do dishes!

  • Nylon bristles are effective against food residue, but will not damage non-stick surfaces
  • Integrated scraper for the toughest stains
  • Rectangular shape can be held securely and is easy to store
  • Wilderness Wash bottle stows compactly, then flips around for easy dispensing
  • Wilderness Wash is biodegradable, and great for camp clean-up, clothes and personal washing
  • Follow Leave No Trace principles: use/dispose of water 200 ft from lakes and streams


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