River Maps Guide to the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, Eighth Edition (new version)

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New version! The eighth edition was released in 2021 and includes updated camps and the latest info reflecting a constantly evolving river environment. 

In River Maps Guide to the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, Eighth Edition, by Tom Martin and Duwain Whitis, have teamed up to write an informative and accurate guide to the Canyon, with USGS topographical maps at original scale, campsite locations, scouting points and much more! This version reflects the latest changes in a variable river corridor, particularly updated camps, along with the summer shade/winter sun notations and detailed directions to popular attraction sites. It is also the only guide with maps extending to South Cove in Lake Mead. Each map shows campsite locations, rapids, scout points, river miles and other points of interest. The accompanying text describes all campsites on the park inventory (and some extras), with campsite pull-in information, geological, botanical and historical points of interest.

River Maps spiral-bound guide books are offset-printed on plastic pages.  The covers are plastic card stock.  The entire books are waterproof and tear resistant (but not indestructible!). Our guide books include mile-by-mile descriptions of campsites, rapids, and points of interest and include many photographs.

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