Doc's Pro Plugs - Vented, with Leash

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Doc's Proplug Ear Plugs protect the ear by keeping a warm pocket of air in the canal and keeps most cold water out without impeding hearing and balance. For paddlers, wearing ear plugs is a saftey tool. Cold water in the ear can lead to narrowing ear canals causing decreased hearing, frequent ear infections, and requiring surgery to fix (google surfers ear to read up on this!). By keeping cold water from your ear, Docs Proplug Ear Plugs prevent surfers ear and keeps your ears healthy.

For paddling, vented plugs with a leash are recommended as the leash helps you prevent losing them and the vent helps allow for better hearing. The vent in the inner diaphragm allows the transfer of air and thus sound waves and differences in air pressure while water does not pass through the hole in wipeouts. The surface water tension on the outside of the valve keeps the water out, but lets air and voice in.

Includes carrying case.

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