Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Pit Fire Pan

Style: With Heat Shield
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Calling all private boaters! The Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Pit Fire Pan, a 24" x 24" aluminum fire pan, is everything you need from a fire pan without the weight or cost of a commercial-grade steel pan.

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Not only is it light, it also breaks down to the size of a large folding chair - great for those who try to make smaller river runners double as overnight rigs, where space is a limited commodity. Its lightweight and compact size also make it ideal for fitting into larger expedition kayaks for self-support enthusiasts!

Perfect for fragile river ecosystems, this firepan includes a heat shield that prevents burning the ground under your fire.

Skeptical about building a large fire on what looks like a window screen? Fear not; the folks who designed this pan, out of Phoenix, Arizona, have put it through rigorous testing on demanding multi-day expeditions on the Grand Canyon. Screens are cheap and easily replaceable if they do get damaged. 

The screen allows more air underneath your fire, which makes coals burn hotter and faster, all but eliminating smoldering coals in the morning when you are packing up the pan. As long as you're only burning wood on the fire pan, the screen material won't get hot enough to melt or deform. 

This little workhorse meets all NPS, USFS, and BLM regulations, and is small enough when broken down that you might find yourself using it for car camping, too!

Pan dimensions 24" x 24" 61 cm x 61 cm
Packed dimensions 27" x 5" x 5" 69 cm x 13 cm x 13 cm
Set-up height 15" 38 cm
Total weight 8 lbs 3.6 kg
Weight capacity 125 lbs 56.7 kg
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