Gilman Grips Non-Slip Ergonomic Oar Handles

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The Gilman Grips Ergonomic Oar Handles provide rowers with a secure and comfortable grip. Having a secure grip gives you more control and precision on the water, meaning that you can row for longer with higher performance and less fatigue. Gilman Grips are unique as they are indexed to your oars - there is no need for oar rights as grabbing the grip naturally turns your oar in the correct direction. For many of us at CKS, the ability to know your oar orientation in the water without eliminating your ability to feather due to an oar right makes Gilman Grips worth it alone. Combined with the ergonomic grip that reduces fatigue and wrist/hand pains, Gilman Grips are the preferred grips for most rowers.

Gilman Grips are designed to be retrofitted onto most Sawyer or Cataract Oars. For instructions on how to fit your grips, check out Gilman Grips Youtube channel for installation videos, or check out this written guide from Gilman Grips.

Counterbalance adds a 2.5lb weight in the oar grip to offset the weight of the oar while rowing. CKS recommends Counterbalance on oars 9.5 ft and longer. Shorter oars are lighter and don't need to be counterbalanced. A stronger rower can use longer oars without counterbalance, while an inexperienced rower might benefit from counterbalance on a shorter oar. The weight of the oar blade you use might also impact your decision. Counterbalanced oars are clumsy to transport and could sink if dropped in the water depending on length and blade weight.

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