GoGirl Feminine Funnel

Size: Pink
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Tired of squatting? Envy the ease with which dudes pee out of a dry suit? In the middle of a ski run? Off the side of the boat? Neat, discreet and hygienic, the GoGirl Feminine Funnel makes peeing while adventuring easy!
  • Medical grade silicone construction repels moisture making it easy to clean but its natural hypoallergenic properties make it acceptable to shake and store when water is scarce.
  • Small but mighty, this female funnel easily packs into a purse, day kit, even your PFD pocket so you can whip it out as soon as the urge hits.
  • Patented splash guard eliminates spilling, dripping and other messes.
  • Easily clean your GoGirl between uses with warm (or even cold) water and a mild (environmentally friendly) soap.

Material: Medical grade silicone
Weight: 2 oz
  • Patented splash guard

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