Immersion Research Lucky Charm Whitewater Spray Skirt

Cockpit Size: LG
Waist Size: SM
Sale price$250.00

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The Immersion Research Lucky Charm Whitewater Spray Skirt is an implosion-resistant skirt for expert paddlers who primarily run big water class V or regularly run 30ft+ waterfalls and value security over dryness.

A 3mm neoprene tunnel is mated to an abrasion-resistant 4mm Supratex II deck. The front casing reinforced with Schoeller™ Dynamic® provides extra protection around the cockpit rim. IR's tri-fin rand rubber rand profile provides a tenacious grip to prevent implosion while maintaining a dry seal. The unique rand compound we use enhances stretchability in cold conditions. A neoprene apron extends past the rand to aid in providing a dry seal. Super sticky silicone grip strips on the underside of the casing keep the skirt securely in place in heavy whitewater. Our grippy, corrugated, high-vis Eagle Talon grab handle holds its shape and prevents your hand from slipping off the end making it easy to find and pull in disorienting situations.

  • Packaged in a reusable grocery bag

  • 3mm neoprene tunnel

  • 4mm abrasion resistant Supratex deck and rear casing 

  • Schoeller™ Dynamic® reinforced front casing

  • Tri-fin rand

  • Apron style casing

  • Silicone grip strips on the underside of the casing

  • Eagle Talon grab handle

*Colors may vary due to fabric demand and shortages*

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