Immersion Research Shittens Paddling Mittens

Size: SM
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Tired of heavy, bulky pogies all the time? Are they always slipping and sliding around, driving you crazy? Think there's no answer? You're so stupid!

The all-new Immersion Research Shittens Paddling Mittens are a neoprene mitten with a large cutout around the palm in order to maximize grip and dexterity without sacrificing warmth. The 2mm neoprene offers plenty of warmth for cold days on the water, while the soft, brushed inside utilizes a tacky neoprene to help with grip.

Are your hands, fat, skinny or an in-between size? That doesn't matter because we have a size for all!

Shitten Mittens, you'll be smitten! Shittens: the only mittens you can run the sh*t in. 

  • 2mm neoprene
  • Soft, brushed inside and grippy neoprene facing towards paddle
  • Tack divider between index and ring finger help keep mitten positioned correctly

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