Kokatat Hustle PFD

Color: Coal
Size: XL/XXL
Sale price$149.00

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The Kokatat Hustle PFD brings combines comfort, simplicity, and utility into one PFD. The side-entry makes getting in and out of this PFD easy, while the styling takes after the extremely comfortable HustleR PFD at a more affordable price. With a large clam-shell style pocket on the front, the boater that is looking to maximize comfort in a feature-packed yet low profile PFD will love the Hustle.

Two stacked and sculpted GAIA PVC-free and PE foam panels wrap and float around the torso to allow optimal fit on varied torso sizes, providing all-day comfort. A large clamshell front pocket with two way zipper allows for internal organization and keeps items securely inside. Covered in Durable 210D high-tenacity ripstop nylon, the Hustle has adjustable padded shoulder straps and three side adjustments to ensure a secure, safe fit. A single lash tab on the vest's front allows for attachment of a rescue knife. This Life Vest is certified for use in both the US (by The US Coast Guard) and Canada (by Transport Canada). You do not need to select a certification. The life vest is dual certified for both countries.

    Side entry makes the Kokatat Hustle PFD easy to get in and out of. Slots in the top of the life jacket are lined with warm microfleece and perfectly positioned for where you put your hands when you are resting them on the PFD. Great for cold scouts!

    • 210D high tenacity ripstop nylon shell fabric
    • Gaia PVC-free and PE foam
    • Side Entry
    • Large, zippered front pocket with internal organization
    • Sculpted foam panels that wrap around your torso
    • Adjustable padded shoulder straps
    • Three side adjustments for a secure fit
    • Front lash tab for knife attachment
    • Harmonized (US Coast Guard/Transport Canada) approved
    • ISO (EU) approved
    • BUOYANCY LB./OZ. XS/S (16/00), M/L (16/00), XL/XXL (16/00)

      Pro Tip: This PFD is small and compact enough to use for playboating, but also fully-featured and comfortable enough to use as a multi-day rafting vest.

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