NRS ClampIT Drink Holder

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The NRS ClampIT Drink Holder provides protection to your number one priority: the beverage. No more scrambling to put your drink in a safe spot during some unexpected maneuvering. The U-Bolt Drink Holder attaches securely to any crossbar and has a lid with a hook and loop closure.

NRS ClampIT Drink Holder Features:

  • Slide the drink holder's plastic clip into the groove on the mounting plate for a secure place to store your favorite beverage.
  • An aluminum plate with a standard NRS U-bolt attaches to any frame piece.
  • Heavy-duty, insulated nylon "coozie" protects your drink while keeping it cool.
  • The insulated lid has a hook-and-loop tab that will keep your drink in place no matter how rough the water.
  • A mesh bottom allows liquid to drain out freely and makes cleaning a snap.

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