NRS Frame Cross Bar with LoPro's

Size: 39 3/8"
Sale price$104.95

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The NRS Frame Cross Bar with LoPro's is a lightweight and durable frame component. The low-pro U-bolt system makes it easy to customize and dial in your exact fit on the river and is adjustable using a frame wrench or ratchet tool. 

NRS Frame Bars are compatible with LD accessories from Down River Equipment. Mix and match the accessories from both brands to customize your frame build. 

*2 Sets of U-Bolts (not pictured) included with each frame cross bar to attach to sidebars.

Pro Tip: NRS Frames are intended to measure C-C (Center-Center) of your outer tubes. Your Sidebars should sit exactly in the middle of each tube. Measure carefully before ordering cross bars, as the length of your cross bars will determine where your side bars sit on your raft. If you are in-between sizes, it's usually best to go with the larger size.

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