NRS LoPro Frame Fitting

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The NRS LoPro Frame Fitting is a revolution in frame construction and design, unique to NRS frames. A specially designed "LoPro" fitting cradles the top of your frame's sidebars, and is secured with a U-shaped bolt and top-facing nuts. Some of the advantages of this system include easy adjustment on the water with a NRS Frame Tool or ratchet wrench, and lower wear on your raft's side tubes and chafe. 

  • The NRS LowPro Frame fitting secures cross members and frame accessories to our 1 5/8" OD frame pipe.
  • Forging the aluminum aligns the crystalline structure of the metal, creating a much stronger LoPro than the older, cast version.
  • Because of that extra strength we're able to slim down the profile and hollow the shank, making it 25% lighter while still being stronger!
  • Molded ridges on the gripping surface provide increased holding strength on high-torsion frame accessories like casting platforms, thigh bars and deluxe foot bars.
  • The LoPro fitting includes a coined (flattened curve) U-bolt, two washers and two nylon lock nuts, also a 5/16" x 2" bolt and nylon lock nut for attaching the LoPro to frame pipe.
  • When using LoPros with non-NRS pipe, the pipe needs to be 1.380" inside diameter. Also, be aware that the LoPro will not have holes drilled for the bolt that affixes it to the frame pipe.
Shank outer diameter: 1 3/8"
Fit: Saddle fits pipe with 1 5/8" outer diameter
Weight: Single with hardware is 0.8 lbs.
Material: Hot-forged 6061-T6 aluminum alloy
Included Components:
  • 1 - LoPro Fitting
  • 1 - U-bolt with nuts and washers
  • 1 - 2" Bolt with Nut


Pro Tip: This product is intended to allow you to build your own frame, however, building your own frame isn't for everyone. These LoPro's do not have holes drilled into them to receive the bolt that secures them to the frame crossbar that they will be a part of; that is something you will have to drill yourself. In general, building a raft frame to a high quality is really something that needs to be done in a metal shop. That said... if you are specifically using components from other brands that fit the same pipe size spec (Example, LD from Down River Equipment) these fittings will give you the best advantages that 

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