NRS Infinity Rodeo Float Bag - Playboat / Half-Slice

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The NRS Infinity Rodeo Float Bags fit in the back of your playboat or smaller half-slice to stop your boat from filling with water in the event of a swim. The less water in your boat the easier it will be to get to shore. Don't lose your boat! These bags come with a lifetime warranty. The Rodeo is designed to fit all playboats and smaller half-slice or river runners. To determine the correct size of float bag for your boat, measure the inside compartment and order a bag that is slightly larger in dimensions to fill the space in your boat completely.

  • Boat Type: Kayak
  • The Infinity series bags are now using a 10-gauge Urethane fabric that won't leak or de-laminate!
  • Dimensions inflated: 28"L x 13"W at top, 3"W at bottom.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Material: 10-gauge urethane material
  • Inflation Tube Length: 20-38"
  • Features: Lifetime warranty

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