NRS Frame Oar Mounts

Size: 6" Each
Sale price$52.95
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NRS Frame Oar Mounts use a U-bolt to secure the oarlock to the frame side rail. Easily adjustable for multiple angles, these versatile towers will provide the extra clearance you need for years to come.

Most oarlocks are compatible with NRS Frame Oar Mounts - both "A-Style" like the Superston or Atomic oarlocks from NRS, or the "Wide Horn" Style like the Cobra Oarlocks from Sawyer. NRS Oar Mounts also feature an inner nylon sleeve that keeps the metal oarlock from squeaking against the metal tower as easily as some other designs.

(Sold as Single or Pairs - Singles do not include hardware.)


Wondering which height is correct for your frame? We recommend 8" for the majority of boaters--only choose 6" mounts if you sit nearly flush with your frame height and 10" for any frame where the oarsman is sitting on a flip seat or captain's chair that raises you above a cooler or dry box.

We want to ensure that you are getting the best gear, with the best service, at the best price!

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