River Station B.O.A.T 70' Throw Bag

Color: Pink
Sale price$99.00

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Made in Colorado, the River Station B.O.A.T. 70' Throw Bag is crafted from highly durable materials. Keep your gear protected and dry with 360 degrees of mesh. We use high quality 3/8" floating rescue rope with a breaking strength of 3200lbs. The B.O.A.T bag is super easy to stuff with its large mouth and roomy body. Lots of fun colors to choose from! 
- 65' of Quality 3/8" floating rescue rope with an average breaking strength of 3200lbs.
- 360 degrees of mesh for fast drying rope.
- Lots of fun colors to choose from!
- Stiff, wide mouth for easily stuffing rope.
- Side release cam buckle over the top for extra safety and clip-ability 

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