River Station Rapid Pack Pro Throw Bag

Color: Black
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Made in Colorado, the River Station Rapid Pack Pro Throw Bag is quick at everything. Based in Canon City, CO River Station has created a new system for attaching and detaching the pack that is unique to industry. The throw bag attaches to the waist belt very quickly and securely. Secure enough for repeated class 5 whitewater swims without fear of losing your pack. It detaches easily when you need it. Stuffing 60' of rope is seriously easy with the wide mouth, chalk-bag style opening. Large front mesh panel makes rope dry fast. The hip belt itself is on quick release in the event you need to ditch the whole system. This waist belt throw bag is for advanced, class 4/5 whitewater guides who are always on the move and who need to set safety quickly. (Since this is a new system, please watch the short instructions video below!)

- 60' of quality 1/4" rescue rope. (1700lb)
- Quick release, padded hip belt.
- Large mesh panel for quick drying rope.
- Stiff mouth for easily stuffing rope.
- Quick attach and deploy system.
- Made of super strong Cordura Nylon material 

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