River Station Thwart Mesh Gear Bag

Color: Teal/Green/Stripes
Sale price$100.00

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Made in Colorado the River Station Thwart Mesh Gear Bag is a highly accessible, stylish, mesh thwart bag. Quick zip top allows you to quickly stash straps, hats, cans, sunscreen, etc. Cam straps securely around your thwart. The straps are complete with 2 OS handles and 2 Steel D-rings for attaching or clipping on accessories. The bag also features webbing gear loops on both sides for extra clip-ability. Once you're on shore, the thwart bag can also function as a backpack for side canyon hikes with its comfortable, padded back and shoulder straps.


- Quick Zip Top.

- Double as a backpack, padded back and shoulder straps.

- Multiple gear attachment points

- Two steel D-Rings

- Full Mesh Breathability 

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