Sawyer Cobra Oarlock

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The Sawyer Cobra Oarlock is the most popular premium whitewater oar lock on the market. The Cobra's wide horns have a greater load area for much less stress on the horns and increased durability. The elongated, oval opening allows for an additional 10-15 degrees of vertical range while keeping your oars snug in the locks. Made of a specially formulated bronze alloy for superior strength and proven by professionals throughout the world. Deluxe models are threaded with a lock-nut keeper to reduce play. Oars with rope wraps or oar sleeves can sometimes fit snugly in oarlocks. 

Pro Tip

The width of the horns on these oar locks can be easily adjusted on the river with two rocks! This is actually how Sawyer suggests you modify them if needed, and they include instructions for how to do so! 

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