Sawyer Polecat Oar Shaft with Rope Wrap & Stopper

Size: 9'
Counterbalance: Standard Weight
Sale price$185.00

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The Sawyer Polecat Oar Shaft with Rope Wrap & Stopper is Sawyer's solution for the cost-conscious oar buyer who wants the lightweight strength advantage of a fiberglass shaft with the history of superior design and durability only offered by Sawyer. The Polecat is offered in a black shaft and has a smooth laminated Douglas fir grip.

  • Comes standard with a rope wrap
  • Rubber stop included
  • Comfortable Douglas Fir grip
  • Great flex for an oar in this price range
  • Color: Black
Should I get Counterbalanced Oars?

Counterbalance adds a 2.5 lb weight in the oar grip to offset the weight of the oar while rowing. CKS recommends Counterbalance on oars 9.5 ft and longer. Shorter oars are lighter and don't need to be counterbalanced. A stronger rower can use longer oars without counterbalance, while an inexperienced rower might benefit from counterbalance on a shorter oar. The weight of the oar blade you use might also impact your decision. Counterbalanced oars are clumsy to transport and could sink if dropped in the water depending on length and blade weight.


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