Sawyer Storm SUP Paddle

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The Sawyer Storm SUP Paddle is an ultra-tough paddle that's a go-to pick. The dynamic 90 square inch Team Sawyer Racing SUP blade profile is constructed with CFRT (Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic). Combined with the adjustable T-grip Lever Lock® system and fiberglass shaft, Sawyer Storm is awesome for any adventure from rivers to lakes to oceans. 

  • Ultra-tough composite SUP paddle
  • 11 ° bent fiberglass shaft 
  • Molded 90 square inch CFRT Blade (7.25"W x 19"L) 
  • Lever Lock ® adjustable handle system
  • Adjustable Lengths: 70" - 86"
  • Weight: 27 - 29 oz 

Need help sizing the paddle? We recommend extending your paddle arm straight up with a loose, relaxed shoulder (to keep it in a safe extension when paddling). You should adjust the LeverLock so that your wrist rests right over the top of the handle.

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