Seals Pro Shocker Spray Skirt

Cockpit Size: 2.2
Waist Size: XL
Sale price$189.95

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The Seals Pro Shocker Spray Skirt is a bungee skirt appropriate for river running and playboating. It is constructed from thick 4mm neoprene to keep you dry, and the 3/8" stitched bungee rim attachment is easy to snap onto your cockpit and pulls off quickly when needed, thanks to Seals' rim grip/safety slop technology! The Pro Shocker features a heavy-duty wear guard along the top edge that is reinforced with Kevlar, giving it superior abrasion resistance where it counts. As an added bonus, the Shocker's grab loop also has an integrated safety whistle, so you always have the ability to signal when needed!

  • High performance 4mm neoprene
  • 3/8" stitched bungee attachment to rim
  • Top-edge wear guard with 22% Kevlar fibers
  • Rim grip/safety slip technology
  • Form-fitting anatomical tunnel is 9" high.
  • Glued, stitched and sealed seams
  • Grab loop includes integrated safety whistle

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