Whitewater of the Southern Appalachians Volume 2: The Mountains

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Found on the bookshelves of most of the South East's kayaking community, the all-new 2nd edition to the beloved Whitewater of the Southern Appalachians Volume 2: The Mountains is the second of two guidebooks written by Kirk Eddlemon.

This is the ultimate, comprehensive guide to whitewater in the Southeastern mountain region. It covers more than 260 whitewater streams in Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and the Carolinas. Volume 1 covers the plateau region west of the mountain crest and taken together, these books are the key to a lifetime of exploration and whitewater fun in one of North America’s oldest mountain ranges. Stepping beyond the scope of the average guidebook, Whitewater of the Southern Appalachians doesn’t have just valuable, accurate information, but is also packed with inspiring photography, tips such as methods for chasing rain, classic river stories from local paddling legends, in-depth coverage of the geology of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and much more. If you’re looking for the ultimate resource for whitewater paddling in the Southern mountains, look no further.

  • Whitewater of the Southern Appalachians Volume 2: The Mountains
  • 2nd edition
  • 2022 Wolverine Publishing
  • Written by Kirk Eddlemon
  • 460 full-color pages
  • 978-1-938393-44-0

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