stocking stuffers

For your loved one who rarely spends for themselves, get them a small and affordable gift that they'll appreciate.

Don't know what to give? Shop our Great Stocking Stuffers for Paddlers

Our Top 6 Must-Buy Items

1. Puffin Coozie

Tired of cans not dressing warm enough or being able to swim back to the boat? Give your beloved beverages the gift of style and safety this year with Puffin Coozies!

Puffin Coozie

2. Noseplugs

Water: we're made of it, and you know someone that paddles in it. It's definitely a bummer to get water up your nose. Noseplugs help your loved one advance their skills without the risk of getting giardia or sinus infections. 

Cottonmouth Noseplugs
Salamander Squeeze Noseclips

3. NRS ClampIT Drink Holder

NRS makes quality gear for the price, this beverage holder is no different. The covered top on the NRS ClampIT Drink Holder keeps the waves out of anyone's crispy drink.

NRS ClampIT Drink Holder

4. Salamander Beak Visor

Protect yourself from UV rays in style with a Salamander Beak Visor. Unlike hard visors molded into some helmets the flexible Salamander Beak flips back when you're underwater, protecting your head, neck, and shoulders from excessive torque.

Salamander Beak Visor

5. NRS Icon Belt

Want your loved one to stop using an old NRS Strap and their belt? Get them the NRS Icon Belt. This does what every belt needs to, plus some: it will keep their pants up, but still show up their boating obsession.

NRS Icon Belt


6. Immersion Research Old Man Hat

We like this hat from Immersion Research for its simple design and fun colors. With lightweight material and a classic look, the Immersion Research Old Man Hat is a hat anyone can jam into their gear bag and pull it back out a week later still looking fresh.

Immersion Research Old Man Hat

More Great Options: NRS Pom Beanie

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