Jackson Kayak Sweet Cheeks

Size: 100
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The Jackson Kayak Sweet Cheeks will blow you away with immediate comfort improvements in any kayak, whitewater or flatwater. No glue needed for installation. Simply peel and stick the Velcro hooks on the bottom of your seat, drop in the Sweet Cheeks, and strap it in so that the river can't take it away from you.

  • Foam beans in the seat create 0.5" to 1.5" lift in the seat
  • Deep bucket seat holds you perfectly as you get crazy!
  • Extra padding absorbs impact for your creeker
  • Adds leverage for wave, hole and flatwater moves in playboat
Size Selection
  • 100 fill: Best choice if your boat fits well but you want slight cushion, leverage, or rise in seat
  • 200 fill: Best choice for smaller paddlers or your boat is larger and you need more leverage and rise from your seat


Learn more about how your Sweet Cheeks can complete a full Jackson set up

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