NRS PTR Kayak Paddle

Size: 197 cm
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The NRS PTR Paddle has high-impact ABS plastic blades and a high-strength, aircraft-grade 7075 T6 aluminum shaft, making this economical paddle tough enough for outfitter use and rental programs.
  • A great one-piece paddle for beginning boaters.
  • 18" X 8" blade.
  • The extended lengths of 220, 230 and 240 work great for inflatable or sit-on-top kayaks. All sizes are one piece.
Blade Material: High-impact ABS plastic
Blade Size: 20 cm W x 46 cm L  (8" W x 18" L)
Blade Surface Area: 800 sq cm / 124 sq in
Blade Shape: Symmetrical/slightly spooned
Shaft Material: Coated high-strength airplane grade aluminum
Shaft Shape: Straight
45 degree
Breakdown: No
Right hand
Weight: 220  is 44 oz  (1247 g)
  • Whitewater - river running
  • Whitewater/Touring - crossover
  • A great one-piece paddle for beginning boaters
  • Extended lengths of 220, 230 and 240 are ideal for inflatable or sit-on-top kayaks

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